Our video course for beginner ceramists step by step shows and talks about all the nuances of creating a ceramic vase and pot on a potter’s wheel.

Working with clay is one of the oldest forms of art, allowing you to combine the beauty of the product and its functionality. After all, clay products created by yourself are durable and useful in everyday life and at the same time embody your individual design decisions. In addition, working with clay is pleasant and interesting, observing how a shapeless piece of clay turns into an author’s product.

Our video course will introduce you to working with white clay “from scratch” and allow you to step by step to understand all the stages of manufacturing a vase and pot on a potter’s wheel. Under the guidance of experienced ceramists, you will learn about what materials and tools are needed, how to make a pattern, how to knead clay, give it shape and process the inner and outer surfaces of the product. The course tells about all the nuances to novice ceramists.

At the end of the course, you will be able to create such products yourself.